How to Treat & Prevent Gum Infections


Every area of your body is apt to getting infections, and your gums are no exception. Gum infections can affect your whole mouth if not treated properly and in a timely manner. If your gums are painful, it can make eating, drinking, or talking difficult and uncomfortable. 

Talk to your dentist about how to treat and prevent gum infections to protect the overall health of your mouth. 

Gum Infection Treatments

At the first sign of a gum infection, make an appointment with your dentist. Gum infections are fairly simple to diagnose and your dentist will inform you of your treatment options. Your options depend on how severe the infection is and how your teeth are affected. 

Some common treatments include:

How to Prevent Gum Infections

Avoiding gum infections can be simple if you make oral care a priority. A diligent and purposeful routine will keep your mouth healthy. 

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