What Should I Expect At My Next Dental Appointment?

We can start cleaning your teeth again! Although, our procedures will look a little different at your next dental appointment. We are just as excited to see your smiles as you are to see us, and we are taking the proper precautions, as outlined by the dental colleges of Canada, to ensure patient comfort, knowledge, and safety. From pre-screening protocols to in-clinic practices, here is a breakdown of what you can expect at your next dental appointment during COVID-19:

With dental teams across the country reopening their offices for in-clinic treatment, we must remember that there is still a pandemic happening. Wait times may be a little longer, appointments may be scheduled further out, and treatment may not include the same services they once did, pre-COVID-19, but patient safety is (and always will be) first and foremost. We look forward to seeing your smiles again and appreciate your patience and understanding during these times of change.

To book your next dental appointment, contact your clinic or click here to find a  location near you!